Reasons for Parking Lot Catch Basin Repairs in Vaughan



Proper catch basin maintenance and repair is essential for keeping your Vaughan parking lot safe and flood-free.

Catch Basin Damage

A working catch basin an essential part of any Vaughan parking lot. It drains the water from storms and melting snow, preventing flooding and pavement cracking for businesses and residents. Not all types of catch basin damages are visible to the naked eye, although the effects of blocked or damaged catch basin are certainly hard to miss. Here are some sneaky damage types to keep an eye out for:

1) A common cause of damage around a parking lot catch basin is a leaky or broken intake or outtake pipe. Over time, that water causes the paved area around the catch basin to soften and crack. If there’s a leak during the winter, the damage can be even more extensive since the water will freeze and expand, making cracks even bigger. Be proactive and make it a point to have your catch basin inspected before winter hits.

2) The date of catch basin construction can also have an impact on how it functions. Older catch basins in Vaughan were often constructed using bricks and mortar, which wear away over time. Salt used to make parking lots less slippery can work its way into the mortar and cause the bricks to crumble. If left unrepaired, this causes the catch basin to collapse inward. Newer catch basins are constructed with pre-cast, steel-reinforced concrete and other materials that will resist the elements and tough, snowy Vaughan winters. Ensure your contractor is using the correct up to date materials!

3) A weakness in a parking lot catch basin that’s hard to detect is incorrect installation. This may not be detected until serious cracking occurs. Always ensure that a property inspector includes the parking lot catch basin in a pre-purchase inspection to help avoid unpleasant surprises at a later date. Also check to see if the parking lot is level around the catch basin. If it slopes down and away from the basin, the catch basin can’t do its job to collect water. Any slopes should direct water toward the catch basin, not away. Best yet, avoid this problem entirely by hiring a well experienced company who has the confidence in their work to offer warranty.

Taking Care of a Parking Lot Catch Basin

Property owners can perform visual inspections of the catch basin and the area around it frequently to detect minor cracking, small holes, sinking, and any other noticeable damage. Taking care of small problems helps to avoid more disruptive and costly repairs such as pavement reconstruction.

When rain or snow is in the forecast, quickly check to ensure that the catch basin isn’t clogged by leaves or other debris. Water needs to drain properly to avoid flooding.

As soon as damage is noticed, contact an experienced parking lot catch basin repair service in Vaughan. It’s important to take care of cracks before they become potholes and sinking before it becomes too deep. Leaving these problems can lead to damaged vehicles and unhappy customers and residents. It’s better to patch or repave a parking lot around the catch basin than to leave the damage until it the catch basin itself needs to be removed and replaced, a much more costly expense.

By taking the time to perform visual inspections and remove debris, home and business owners can prevent major damage and flooding. If cracks or leaking is noticed, have your Vaughan parking lot catch basin repaired as soon as possible. You'll thank yourself later.

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